About KinSync

The concept

Our eyes love our Kindles and Mendeley is revolutionising the way we do research. KinSync is working to achieve a beautiful synergy between the two.

The benefits of KinSync

Quick. Simple. Effortless.

KinSync allows you to keep your Kindle up to date with the latest research so you can easily catch up on your reading anywhere. With KinSync there is no longer the need to lug around stacks of articles, papers and journals to review when you find that spare moment. If you're away at a conference you won't have to have a local copy of Mendeley to grab the latest research in your group folders - simply connect your Kindle to a WiFi hotspot and any papers of interest will be sent through automatically.

The future

Quicker, simpler and with less effort for the user.

KinSync is a work in progress. In the ideal version you would visit the KinSync site once, connect to your Mendeley account, set your preferences and never visit again - because everything else will be automatic and work like magic.

The team

We are a tiny team making use of powerful tools to create a beautifully simple product which works in exactly the way you would expect. We spend our days exploring the full potential of our e-readers and experimenting with ways to make the adventure that is research more efficient and easier on the eyes.