Help with KinSync

Frequently asked questions

  • Double check your Kindle address on your KinSync dashboard is correct.
  • When you added your kindle email address to KinSync, did you also add kindleJust@Trying toAvoidkinsync.Spamcom:) to your Amazon kindle account? If not: head to your Kindle's Personal Document Settings page, and add kindleJust@Trying toAvoidkinsync.Spamcom:) to the approved e-mail list.

We use Google's authentication service to allow you to access your KinSync account. We do this for two reasons:

  • Because the security (protection of passwords, etc.) offered by the service is second-to-none.
  • We lothe having to remember millions of different passwords and usernames as much as you do and chances are good that you have a Google account already.

As you will read when you sign in with Google, we never see your password or any other details Google holds except your Google email address.

We recommend setting your Kindle to "landscape" mode for reading your PDF and then zooming into areas of particular interest, such as a graph, when you need to. We're working hard on converting (academic) documents to kindle format and hope to announce our success soon :)

There could be a few reasons for this, thankfully none of them are serious :)

  1. If your Mendeley account hasn't updated since the last changes will not be able to access the information. Usually this happens automatically but to be sure you can press the "sync" button within Mendeley.

  2. If the previous options do not apply to you, and you've never had a file from us before it could be that the Kindle address we have for you is incorrect. You can change it in your dashboard if you need to.

When a document delivery fails Amazon sends an email to us with the following information . . .

The Kindle Personal Document Service can deliver the following types of documents:

  • Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx)
  • Rich Text Format (.rtf)
  • HTML (.htm, .html)
  • Text (.txt) documents
  • Archived documents (zip , x-zip) and compressed archived documents
  • Mobi book

Images that are of type JPEGs (.jpg), GIFs (.gif), Bitmaps (.bmp), and PNG images (.png). Adobe PDF (.pdf) documents are delivered to Kindle DX, Second Generation and Latest Generation Kindles.

If the document that failed belonged to one of the above document types, please ensure the document is not password protected or encrypted. Note that the Latest Generation Kindles support password protected PDFs.

The file size of each attached personal document should be less than 50MB

We'll be sad to see you go - and would love it if you could give us a little heads up as to what we didn't deliver (contact us).

Anyhow, deleting your account is pretty simple - just head to the KinSync dashboard. At the bottom of the page is a big "Delete my account" button. When you press it we'll delete your email address, Mendeley access tokens, etc.

Cant see your question? Contact us

Alternatively contact: infoJust@Trying toAvoidKinSync.Spamcom:)